5 Reasons To See Shrek

Shrek figure on the square in front of lighthouse in Niechorze

I must confess that I am in a very fun stage of my life. Weekends are no longer about partying until the next day, nor about making sure my friend doesn’t hurt himself by staying up too late.

I gladly exchanged that for preventing the little boy who is barely walking from rolling down the stairs and for involuntarily memorizing children’s movies and, to tell the truth, those last activities require more expertise than that of an airplane pilot.

It is precisely the subject of movies that I want to talk to you about today. I previously shared with you a recommendation of what you can do when the electricity lets us loose, but as I also explained in that text, it doesn’t mean that TV activities are bad.

After a week of intense school activity, it was time to clear the youngster’s mind. We took him to the playground together with his little houten loopwagen and then, tuning in to something on the TV, we found Shrek; the request was immediate: “leave him there daddy”.

Today we leave you with 5 reasons to watch or if you have already seen it, revisit a great animated film that opened a vein of the great sidewalk of digital animation.

1. The story

The storyline proposed in the film is not usual, it uses known arguments, such as the typical princess rescued from a tower, to parody it. In this case not everything is as ideal as in fairy tales, and this is what makes Shrek an original movie.

2. The characters

Along with a good story, must come good characters, and this is the case. Both Shrek and Donkey are two well-created characters, with a clear purpose that in both cases is fulfilled. Very funny and charismatic.

3. The dubbing

With the charisma of these two characters printed in the script, we add a touch more with the dubbing. they bring spark and a little more humor sauce. You will have a few laughs.

4. The music

It was not specially created for the film, but perfectly selected, and the songs are really cool.

5. Because the second part is great and you also have to see it

Yes, in this case the saying “second parts were never good” is a lie, the second part is if possible, as good as the first one, and it is really worth to see it. So now you know

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